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In order to make the comparisons fair for the different filters, only the top 300 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization are included in the analysis. Scroll to the bottom for the version with the top 1500.

Dashboard Usage Guide

  1. The first chart shows the cumulative profits over time by executing trades according to the parameters specified above the chart. You can get more information by hovering over the individual dates.

  2. This is the most important filter, as it determines the trading strategy that the cumulative profit chart displays. in the screenshot, the range is set to be between +5% and +20%, which means every time the specific model predicts a cryptocurrency to have a 24h change to its price between +5% and +20% we include it as a hypothetical trade in our analysis for the cumulative profits over time. Setting this to a negative result (like -30% to -5%) should produce negative profits over time.

  3. Here you can choose to display the results from six different predictive modeling options.

  4. The bottom chart shows a comparison of a “Hold on for dear life”(HODL) strategy, which simulates the outcome of purchasing the “dollars per trade” amount for each cryptocurrency in the top 10 assets by market capitalization every day. For example, if the cumulative profit chart showed really positive results, they would be less meaningful if the entire market performed well during the same period of time.

  5. The predictive model is created using one data point per day per cryptocurrency (midnight EST), but the trading bot could be running any time of the day, so you can simulate the trades for different hours of the day. The equivalent of midnight Eastern time would be hour 04 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). this filter affects both charts, while the dropdowns on top of the charts only affect the respective charts.