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When it comes to navigating the incredibly volatile world of cryptocurrencies, it is well known that the best strategy is to "HODL" (Hold On for Dear Life), or in other words to put the investment away and forget about it for a couple of years. During those years, we are sure to see crazy upward and downward price surges, some of which will be relatively easy to predict; what if you only traded on days when the market goes up? How can an investor benefit from the huge gains in crypto without sacrificing consistency?

The applications we develop have these ideas in mind, and are unique because they collect data from any kind of website and automatically have new data visualized every hour. The website is centered around making applications and visualizations that leverage this process and offer insights that change relative to what is actually happening that day or week in the cryptocurrency markets. Our process is automated and has the potential to scale, you can contact us at to get us to work on your idea.

 The predictions made on this website are not intended as investment advice. See disclaimer here. If you have any questions please feel free to email us or get in touch with us on social media here.

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