Do you wish you could transform the information from a website in front of you into a manageable excel file or as an interactive data dashboard? If you need help for your project and you think we can help, e-mail us at and define your needs and we will see if we can help. Web scraping jobs do not have to relate to cryptocurrencies and can be pretty much any website. To get a better idea of the way our web scraping works, scroll down to look at examples.


This is an example of what a web scraper does and how the data is collected. This is only one web scraper out of a total of 10 (click here for more info), which collects data at the same time every day and is then used for the predictions posted on this website. This is the web scraper that collects the prices off of which the 12h & 24h predictions are created and then compared to the actual performance. This video was edited to remove some redundant wait times and it just goes through BTC and ETH as examples, while the web scraper would actually collect all of them and be much quicker.

Example #2: Real estate web scrapinG

This is an example showing a web scraper navigating to and collecting both housing information and demographic information about the area around the house. This web scraper can run on loop to collect as big or as small areas as are needed, based on zip code, county, city or even state. This example is meant to showcase the potential applications of web scraping and has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. This video was not edited for simplicity (unlike example #1).

More Videos and Examples Coming Soon!

Some other applications to give some thought:

  • Competitor Price Tracking
  • Lead Generation
  • Any type of odd job where you just wish you could transform the information on the website in front of you into a manageable excel file
  • We can also help with data manipulation and fixing specific issues of an excel file
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